Courtroom of the Lee County (Texas) Courthouse

This is the courtroom of the beautiful 1899 Lee County Courthouse in Giddings, Texas. It is on the second (and third, if you count the balcony) floors, and is on the south side of the building.

The inside of this building is just as remarkable as the outside and is chock full of historic photographs of Giddings (plus other historical items), including a photograph of the burned remnants of the previous courthouse, which was completed in 1878 (just four years after Lee County was established) and burned in 1897.

I am VERY thankful to have had the opportunity to see inside this remarkable building, which I have admired from the outside many times over the past fifteen years (even before I lived in Texas)!

This photo is a composite of several photos of the courtroom, so that’s why the perspective seems a little off.

The two symbols that can be seen above the bench symbolize the Trinity (the three lines) and the open petals of a tulip/fertility. The sky blue color symbolizes truth, protection, strength as well as love, particularly the love of God.

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