Ray Spitzenberger, Author and Artist

I will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon – things are a bit hectic around here; Margie’s father is visiting us and has had to be hospitalized unexpectedly.

Over the weekend, we were talking with the folks we were staying with, and the wife told us a story about her encounter with her neighbor’s rooster. It reminded me of Pr. Ray Spitzenberger’s story about his mother’s experiences with their rooster, Smarty Pants, which he relates in his book, “It Must Be the Noodles,” though it didn’t quite end the same way!

Speaking of Pr. Spitzenberger, over the weekend he created a Facebook page highlighting his writing and art – I encourage you to like and follow it!

And, of course, you can read his weekly columns, which are reprinted on the Wendish Research Exchange site here:

Finally, his book, ‘It Must Be the Noodles,” is still available for $9.99 on Amazon (or $8.99 for the Kindle edition):

I’m hoping this week we’ll be able to make Wendish Noodles from scratch using the recipe in the book (even though it’s not the recipe his mother used). We ordered a pastry mat from Amazon for that purpose, and it showed up over the weekend! (If you’re curious, it’s this one: https://amzn.to/31jv5DE – it’s cloth, not silicone, so hopefully, it will work well – I’ll report back once we’ve made the noodles!)

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