Welcome to Dime Box, Texas – Postmaster: Mr. Stamps

Since my recent post about Dime Box and the 1944 March of Dimes campaign kickoff, I’ve learned from Ray Spitzenberger (who remembers the big day) that at the time, the Dime Box Postmaster’s name was “Mr. Stamps” and that (of course) the media made much of that interesting fact.

I haven’t seen that mentioned in any of the articles that I read while I was doing my research. I’m of the opinion that little interesting tidbits like this should be recorded, so I’m doing my part now!

Pr. Spitzenberger, who grew up in Dime Box, has been posting historical photographs over on his Facebook page– just click on the link above if you’d like to check them out- be sure to like or follow his page while you’re there! He also reports that he remembers that either “Boots” or “Fritzie” featured Dime Box in a strip after that– if any of y’all have a copy of that, I’d love to see it!

I love seeing historical photos of the places that I visit and write about, and hearing more about their history too. If you’ve got a photo or anecdote like that, shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to share it!

Oh, and this photo was taken on my second trip to Dime Box, back in January of 2017. I wish I’d taken more pictures (particularly now that I know that the water tank is gone), but I’m hoping to drive up that way this weekend while we’re visiting Lee County.

The truck in the photograph reminds me a lot of my grandfather Clifton. He had a navy blue 1960 or 1961 GMC dually (a few years newer than this one) with a flatbed. In my mind’s eye, the cab of this truck probably has a number of random tools, a pistol under the seat, and a half-smoked pack of Marlboros on the dashboard, just the way I remember that old GMC.

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