Dime Box Redux

This weekend Margie and I will be heading to Lee County again– I’m hoping to learn more about the two buildings that Trinity Lutheran of Old Dime Box purchased in the first half of the twentieth century, take some photos of the inside of the church, and visit the Dime Box Heritage Museum.

Pr. Schey of Trinity tells me that the LWML at Trinity is holding their annual two-day yard/garage/rummage sale, so y’all Lee County folks should stop by and see what they’ve got!

I always look forward to my trips out to Lee County, and I’m having a blast learning about its history. I might be an outlander from North Carolina, but in many ways, Lee County feels a lot like the once-rural county I grew up in back in the “Old North State” (these days the south side of the county where my parents live is rapidly turning into a bedroom community for Raleigh). It really feels like home to me.

That’s why I enjoyed reading Ray Spitzenberger’s first book about growing up Wendish in Lee County (and Dime Box specifically), _It Must Be the Noodles_, and I was excited to read that he’s working on a second book!

You can still pick up copies of his first book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VONf0T ($9.99 for a paperback copy, or $8.99 for the Kindle edition).

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