St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Cemetery – Lincoln, Texas

This is St. Peter’s Cemetery in Lincoln, Texas. It’s all that’s left of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, which existed during the early twentieth century.

I’ve not been able to find much information about the church.

I know that at some point, Trinity in Old Dime Box purchased their building from the Texas Synod (or perhaps the Texas Synod’s successor, the American Lutheran Church) and moved it to Old Dime Box.

I assume it must have been a smaller building since in 1941 it was used as an annex after Trinity purchased the building that had housed St. John’s Evangelical Church in Old Dime Box. (The small size of the cemetery would also seem to support this.)

And, I suspected that it was served by Pr. William Mueller from Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Giddings based on a cryptic note I found in the ELCA’s Southwestern Texas Synod archives.

Today I confirmed that suspicion– the Wendish Museum has a copy of Martin Luther’s 100th anniversary booklet, and their biography of Pr. Mueller notes that he served St. Peter’s as well. Unfortunately, it does not give dates.

My guess is that St. Peter’s was a short-lived daughter congregation of Martin Luther that never really took root. If so, perhaps the congregation’s records are at Martin Luther.

Do any of y’all know of someone at Martin Luther that is familiar with the congregation’s early twentieth century history and might know?

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