Did Kilian and Teinert Reconcile?

In 1873 the rift between Pr. Kilian and his long-time organist, cantor, and friend Carl Teinert had grown so great that Teinert left Kilian’s congregation and helped found the church that is now Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warda.

Three years passed before Kilian and Teinert met again, at the installation of Pr. Proft at Eben Ezer on the San Antonio Prairie (now Ebenezer Manheim) in 1876. And shortly after that, Kilian saw Teinert again at the baptism of Pr. Stiemke’s firstborn daughter.

Did Kilian and Teinert ever reconcile? I do not know for sure, but this letter I found on the Wendish Research Exchange seems to indicate that perhaps they did:

(Teinert would not have played the organ pictured in this photo, which was constructed by E. Pfeifer & Son of Austin in 1904.)

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