Holy Cross Warda’s Links to Concordia Texas

The school that is now Concordia University Texas has more than a few links back to the churches that can trace their roots to Serbin.

One that I found interesting is that when classes began at Lutheran Concordia College of Texas on October 26, 1926, its library included a complete set of Lehre und Wehre donated by Pr. Gottfried Buchschacher of Holy Cross in Warda.

Just five years earlier at the Texas District’s convention in Warda, an overture was presented by a group of laymen requesting that the district establish a college and a hospital. While the hospital idea went nowhere, the idea of establishing a college, which had been the desire of LCMS Lutherans in Texas for some time, certainly did!

My wife is a graduate of that institution, as is the grandfather of my two older children. I’d wager that more than a few of you are as well!

(I learned this from Concordia of Texas From the Beginning [1977] which was mainly written by Dr. Henry Studtmann and somewhat expanded and edited by Dr. Ray Martens. There are a few used copies of the book available on Amazon now: https://amzn.to/2ZJTV1s)

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