Parochial School vs. Public School in Lincoln, Texas

Several people have asked about the history of Lincoln, Texas, and though I’ve looked, I’ve found very little information outside of the history of St. John’s and what was published in the 1974 History of Lee County volume produced by the Lee County Historical Survey Committee.

One interesting thing that caught my eye in that volume is that the public school had some trouble competing with the parochial school at St. John’s, which was located about two miles away. In 1945, after being unable to meet state standards for enrollment, it was absorbed into the Giddings district. I’m guessing that the two-room school building that housed the school is long gone.

St. John’s school, in turn, closed at the end of the 2005-06 school year because of declining attendance.

Lyle Lovett’s great-grandfather, Herman Schroeder, taught at St. John’s Lutheran School for many years and following that he then served in Serbin as both teacher and minister of music.

(I do have a little more information about the history of Lincoln that I’ll be sharing in the coming days!)

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