Krieg Brothers Chevrolet – Thrall, Texas

I love that this old building in Thrall is still with us. I found a photo of it from about 1935, and it doesn’t look like it’s changed much over the years.

I also found a postcard showing the Krieg Brothers dealership in the fifties – a newer, much larger building on US 79. Do any of y’all remember that, know where it was, or what happened to it? I don’t think any part of it remains (if it does, I don’t recognize it).

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  1. Will Krieg was my uncle and I walked the streets of Thrall, as a kid (50’s and 60’s). I remember when the “new” shop was built on the highway. I have good memories of Uncle Will loading my 4 brothers and I into the back bed of his Chevy pickup and taking us for a ride around Thrall. He always drove a new Impala.

  2. Through various businesses that had been in the larger building on 79, years ago the building was destroyed I think, by fire. The lot that remained, then held another business. We have seen that business go & now the lot is all cleaned up & some sort of new construction is being built. I was looking for an old picture of the Hwy 79 building and came across your sight. I don’t know what is being built yet. I’m sure other people know.

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