The Beautiful Stained Glass of First Christian Church of Taylor, Texas

The stained glass windows in the First Christian Church building of Taylor, Texas (now United Christian Church) are simply fantastic! I haven’t seen windows quite like this anywhere else.

The architect for the 1891 Gothic Revival building was E.S. Mackin (listed as “E.B. Mackin” on the historical marker).

I haven’t been able to find much about Mackin, but I did locate the February 28, 1891 edition of The Engineering Record which has a request for bids for the church. The estimated cost of the building was $10,000.

By the early twentieth century, Mackin seems to have joined up with one F.H. Dillon. The firm of Mackin & Dillon later had offices in Monterrey and Saltillo, Mexico (see the sixth page of this PDF:

There’s also a mention of their potential involvement with an electric streetcar line in Monterrey here:

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