Still rural… barely!

This is St. John’s Lutheran Church of Richland, Texas⁣⁠. The congregation was organized in 1878. Its building is the third to serve the church, and was completed in 1925.

Last year when my parents were out here, we drove by this church. I tried (and failed) to get good photos.

We happened by it again on Sunday. After shooting a few close-up photos, we started home. The route I chose happened to take put me in the correct position to see the church across this field. An almost perfect view, in my book.

Lake Pfluger and the edge of the hustle and bustle of Pflugerville is a mere three miles to the west. I had no idea how close it was to the “not rural.”

In the year and a half we’ve lived in Hutto, we’ve seen it and Pflugerville grow rapidly. The Austin metro is steadily creeping eastward.

I would guess that within five years, maybe ten at the most, it will be impossible to retake this photo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see houses where this open field is now.

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