Jump Start

Well… I basically forgot about this site for 3.25 years. Covid really disrupted things for me. The major outcome, at least in my life, was that the company that I worked for (that had, up to that point, been 100% committed to in-office work) suddenly went full-on remote.

“So,” I hear you saying, “why’s that bad? Didn’t you live in Hutto and work in South Austin? Didn’t that eliminate at least two hours of commute time every day?

Right-o, it sure did! However, in order to minimize the commute time, I’d taken to hitting the road at 5:45 am every day and arriving in South Austin about 6:30 or so (depending on traffic). That left me with about two hours (we started our workday at 8:30 am) to edit photos, write articles, do historical research, etc.

Once I no longer had to get up at 5:00 am to leave early enough to avoid Austin traffic, I found I lacked to self-discipline to actually wake up and get stuff done, and this site and most of my social media languished.

I finally got back into an irregular cadence on Facebook and Instagram in the last year or so. And now it’s time to restart here.

So what else has changed? If you’ve followed me on social, you already know most of it… I switched from Nikon to Fujifilm, and we moved from Hutto to Bastrop and now to Giddings, where we hope to actually settle down and grow roots. As I told the guy cutting my hair, “My main goal in life is to buy land and settle down somewhere [between Austin and Houston] that’s far enough out of the city that I’ll still be safe from rush hour traffic when I die.”

Anyway… going forward, I’ll post more blathering about history and less blathering about me. Maybe. You’ve been warned.

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