Immanuel Giddings Bell Tower Demolition – Day 4

I spent most of the day out in the parking lot across from Immanuel working from the passenger seat of the Expedition, and occasionally taking pictures of what turned out to be the final day of bell tower demolition… well, except for knocking down the short stubs that are left.

There was one exciting moment just before lunch when the piece they were laying down on the trailer broke in half… thanks be the God that nobody was near it at that moment!

I created a video that includes the before- and after-lunch timelapses that I recorded, plus a few of my photos…

1 thought on “Immanuel Giddings Bell Tower Demolition – Day 4”

  1. When I was a little boy, we lived in the Kriegel apartments on the corner directly across the street from the Church, before the block was cleared and made into a park. I remember sitting on the porch the day the bell was hoisted into the tower. I spent the entire day in awe and refused to go inside till I finally fell asleep. it was something I thought of each time I heard it ring,

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