The Evening Before Daylight Saving Time Starts

I’m not posting these on Facebook or Instagram… though I may post them on some of the other social media channels I’m on (Vero or Plates probably, but maybe even Flickr or 500px, which I rarely post on any more).

Honestly… I’m kind of rethinking my whole social media strategy. Not that it’ll change much, but I may switch to posting mostly color on Facebook, but stick with usually (or exclusively) posting black and white elsewhere. With this site, I intend to stick with 100% black and white, though.

I learned to love photography shooting black and white, and honestly I think when I shoot with the intention of making black and white images, I learn more, because I’m forcing myself to think about the light.

In that same vein, most of these images are straight out of the camera. At the most, there are some slight tweaks to increase the contrast or crop slightly. This is part of an exercise to shoot more intentionally.

Anyway… on with the photos. Most of these are of the construction progress at Immanuel Lutheran Church here in Giddings, plus a few from Schoppa’s (the local John Deere dealer), and other random scenes around town.

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