And we were dancing to the music of the Dessau Waltz…

Not too long ago, I visited the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dessau again at sunset. This church (which disbanded twenty-five years ago) and its cemetery are about all that is left of the little town of Dessau (though the area is growing rapidly today), which got its start in the late nineteenth century when German …

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How Thrall, Texas Got its Name

Learned something new last night. Thrall, Texas was originally named Stiles Switch, after the Stiles family that owned a large ranch in the area. It was later re-named to honor the Rev. Homer Spellman Thrall, a Methodist pastor that the Stiles family admired.

Dime Box Redux

This weekend Margie and I will be heading to Lee County again– I’m hoping to learn more about the two buildings that Trinity Lutheran of Old Dime Box purchased in the first half of the twentieth century, take some photos of the inside of the church, and visit the Dime Box Heritage Museum. Pr. Schey …

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