Photo Drive: July 1, 2023

Today’s photo drive was special… it’s also our sixth anniversary.

We started with lunch at the Thorndale Meat Market… an old favorite that I’ve visiting since the summer of 2016. After that we covered roads in Milam and Williamson Counties (plus a little bit of Bell County) before returning to Giddings. Today’s subject matter seems to mostly be vehicles… agricultural trucks and a few tractors.

In Bartlett, I found a pay phone I’d never noticed before (no dial tone though…bummer) and finally got a photo of the old Presbyterian Church for the first time since it was restored. It’s now an Airbnb. I’m a little sad that it’s no longer functioning as a church, but I’m super happy that it’s been saved!

I was also stoked to see that the tower is sitting by City Hall in Rockdale… the 1895 building, designed by A.O. Watson, got modernized butchered 1930s. They’re working on restoring it to its original glory now, though.

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