Parking Lot Construction by Orsag’s/Dime Box Distillery

Yawn… well this is a mundane post, ain’t it? Maybe so.

There’s work going on over by the depots in town (one of which houses Sixth Street Spirits/Dime Box Distillery)… according to the Giddings Times & News, the lot is being paved. As long as I’ve been coming into Giddings, this parking lot has been dirt… or, as the Times & News put it, “a mixture of gravel, pot-holes, and grass.” It’ll be nice when it’s complete. I’m sure not gonna miss the potholes.

I’m a big fan of the old Bull Durham sign on the side of the Orsag’s building… that caught my eye the first time I came into town from the west on 290, partly because I grew up about an hour away from Durham, North Carolina and watched a few Durham Bulls games in my time.

So yes… I suppose this is fairly mundane as far as pictures go, but I figure fifty years from now, the equipment and buildings pictured might just be of interest to somebody. Or maybe not. I’ll probably be dead, so it won’t bother me!

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