Brenham Fire Museum

I’m about to embark on a two-week trip to visit my older children… and this time I’m driving. We drove out to Brenham to pick up a rental car for me to use, and while we were in town we stopped by the Brenham Fire Museum.

Several months back, we’d happened by it when they were closed, and I’ve been wanting to return during the day so we could check out what they had inside.

Inside they’ve got two beautiful old fire trucks… “Samanthe,” which is a 1923 American LaFrance, and “Invader,” which is a 1950 American LaFrance.

“Samanthe” is one of only three ALF Type 38 engines still in existence. She’s got a really nifty flathead straight six (I may or may not have spent some time looking closely).

“Invader” is only fairly recently retired… it fought its last fire in 2007.

Outside of the “main” museum (but still protected from the elements in a building) you can see the city’s 1879 Silsby Steamer, a horse-drawn pumper…. which was only the second steam-powered pumper in all of Texas!

Now that I’m looking at my photos… I’m asking myself… why didn’t I take more photos of “Invader”? I guess I was too fascinated by the cool straight six… and I’ll have to go back to get some more photos!

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