Chicken BBQ at Christ Lutheran Church in Loebau

The folks at Christ Lutheran Church in Loebau were selling BBQ chicken plates today. Naturally, we wanted to pick some up, so we headed in that direction a little before 5pm. There were already about two dozen cars in line when we arrived.

I made Margie wait in the drive-thru line while I headed to the pits to pester the folks over there with my cameras. As you can see in the photo with the row of pits open, they had prepared a bunch of chickens (and that wasn’t even all of them).

It’s a real treat to see these direct-heat pits in action, and the smell… it’ll make your mouth water. Our chickens were delicious!

The guys at the pits wanted to charge me $1 per photo, but I told ’em we’d buy one plate per photo. I counted my photos, and unfortunately, we didn’t come home with enough plates to cover all the photos. Guess we’ll have to go back next year and buy more!

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