St. Paul Lutheran School Chili Supper & Chili Cookoff

This afternoon, I arrived at the St. Paul Lutheran School’s Annual Chili Supper, Auction, and Cook-Off early… my intention was to take some photos, process them, and get them uploaded before they started serving.

I succeeded in taking photos (no surprise there) but ran into a snag uploading them. I didn’t have a strong enough signal at the picnic grounds, so I walked up to the Wendish Museum to borrow their wifi. I let myself in (I have a key since I’m the newsletter editor and a sometime-docent) and while I was waiting for things to upload, I grabbed a book from the library to look up some information I needed.

Well, one thing led to another, and after picking up another book and reading extensively from it, I discovered I’d been in there for a little over an hour, had not succeeded in posting my photos, and it was also time to eat.

Oh well. The best-laid plans of mice, men, and history-loving photographers…

Today was a great day for the event, though… not too warm with a nice breeze and clear skies. As always, we had a great time, and can’t wait for next year!

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